Monday, March 31, 2008

MPC Beast

So I've generally avoided anything Anticon related as it is generally the epitome of nerd rap. I've heard some of the artists in this crew on occasion it's pretty painful to hear them rap, let alone some of the beats are really out there. I am a fan of Sage Francis but he is not really down with this crew anymore.

So back to the point, I saw this video and had to share it, it is Jel, a producer and rapper from the group, Themselves. I can't say I know much more about it except that it's all live and really dope...

and here is another one, not quite as impressive but the angles are pretty cool...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

tape deck dj'ing

so i came across a link to this video on another blog and i had to get it up here. this dude is sick and started doing cassettes when he couldn't afford turntables. this is truly some next level 'ish. nuff respect...

and then this other short video with a guy cutting it up with just a shoebox tape recorder modified with a cut off switch, nice:

i wanna get myself some boomboxes or other tape recorders and start tearing them apart so i can try my hand at this, but i think i'll stick to the regular old technics.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Don't get chumpatized"

Watched a great documentary last night that I would recommend checking out. It was called King of Kong: a fistful of quarters. Check out the trailer on the website. If you are a child of the 80's or love video games in general its worth seeing this film. Well done with a good story behind it, and one of the characters last names was Mitchell (too bad he didn't come off as too good a guy, oh well) So yea, check out this doc, peace to Tiny for being "king of documentaries" and having seen it already so I knew it was gonna be damn good. And remember kids, "don't get chumpatized..."


DC United started play this past week with a 1-1 tie against Jamaica's Harbour View FC in the CONCACAF Champion's Cup. The 2nd game in the home/away series is Tuesday night at good 'ol RFK Stadium, and they need a win to advance to the next round. I was given tickets to go for free (yes!) so I look forward to attending and cheering on the black and red, and hopefully finally securing myself a DCU scarf. I can't wait for the game and I also already got my tickets for the MLS regular season opener on April 5th. I'm hoping this season ends better than last and I also hope I can make it to alot of games this year. The price is right and the atmosphere is great. I would most def recommend attending some games. If you wanna go to one let me know cuz I am always down for a game. Big things happening in '08. DC UNITED!

My 1st Blog Post

welcome to my blog, i will be talking about things i come across in my daily life, which means most of it will be related to music and sports. i am a vinyl lover and try to buy a few records (at least) a week and i have thousands of them at home. i am also a big sports fan with an allegiance towards dc area teams (redskins, wizards, dc united) with the only exception being that i am red sox fan (i lived in boston for a while and drank the water, but i am not a huge baseball fan.)

mostly i am going to talk about dc, sports, my love of vinyl, and other misc. things that i find interesting. i'll try to link to cool things on the web, add some audio worth hearing, and maybe even putting some links up to d'l good music. plus i can relearn some html encoding and whatnot that's always good to know in this digital age.

hope you enjoy checking out my blog, so here goes...