Thursday, October 15, 2009

Honduras makes the World Cup

First, the USA 2-2 tie versus Costa Rica last night was fantastic. They went down 2 goals early and fought back to tie it in the 5th minute of injury time. It was quite a game, the US team didn't look as good as they should but didn't give up. Having already qualified for the World Cup in South Africa next summer, there wasn't alot to play for but an accident two nights previous that seriously injured an up-and-coming player, Charlie Davies, gave them something worth fighting for.
But my favorite moment from the game was the fact that a tie coupled with a win by Honduras meant that the Catrachos made the World Cup for the first time in 28 years. With all the political strife in that country of late, it was a moment that I had hoped would come true. They need something to celebrate, and now they have that. Check out the link to Soccer Insider with video of the Honduran people celebrating. What a great moment!

Happy Hondurans

As a side note, one of my early memories of attending a soccer game at RFK Stadium involved going to a game in which Honduras was playing and I will always remember the fans chanting "Hon-dur-as, Hon-dur-as, Hon-dur-as" the whole game.